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Pure Extract

New Product of Origine.com

It was a fun opportunity to design this new product label with all that beautiful colors. The latest product from origine.com which starts from 1 set of 6 product variant and in the future will be more – more colors!

Color tools: https://www.pantone.com/ and https://coolors.co/

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Pure Extract 1

Inspired by the shape of the liquid drop I decided to make it as part of the front label.

The bottle itself is only 1 oz (30 ml) dropper bottle so the challenging part was to layout all the content in good visibility and not too crowded.

The content quantity also plays an important role.

Visit origine.com to check and buy the products!

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Pure Extract 2

The most happy part is when seeing it being put on the dropper bottle and the respond I got when showing it to the people around.

Social Media

Digital Campaign

Design used for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Originedotcom socialmedia

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