Fermented Protein Bar Alive Packaging design

Alive packaging design2

Alive Packaging Design - fermented protein bar

Project from Imvela - Kendall Dabaghi

This packaging project was done for Kendall, a former tech entrepreneur (and co-founder of A Plus with Ashton Kutcher) who has now turned his focus towards the food space after curing some of his chronic health issues with a gut-focused diet. He spent the last three years researching the human gut micro-biome at Columbia University, and is now starting a new food company along with a couple of other PhD graduates focused on harnessing probiotic microbes to create entirely new categories of food for the world.

It was a quick and fun project as we had some discussions by emails and online meeting to discuss the vision mission of the product and other essentials information needed before I start the design.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

#packagingdesign #branding #logodesign

Alive packaging design

When I showed the final result to him, he’s very happy and excited. I also showed it to other people and they love it. From this I feel I have created something good. I realized when I listen and get better understanding of the user needs and product’s goal, I create something more meaningful.

Alive packaging design3

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