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Masama-logo-new-size Brand Identity Project is an adopting coffee tree of Indonesian farmers program located in the island of God, Bali.

I was very happy when Amandine, Masama founder, invited me to collaborate on the creating of Masama brand identity. This is exactly the kind of project that inspires me. The logo itself, represents the basic form of the coffee crop planting support system; the sun, mountains, soil and coffee seed. Adding some line drawings to the packaging design brings a ‘feeling of being close’ to farmers and coffee plants. On the top of the packaging is a Batik pattern.

When I had the first meeting with Amandine, Masama founder, we discussed about the brand vision mission, the style that she loves, and the colors that is in her heart and that we think will represent the brand thoroughly. Bali is rich in green and lush landscape. This is also the perfect location for growing coffee. We want to put all the elements that support the life of a coffee plant. Also I want to add something that feels personal and close. Line art drawing and a touch of a Batik pattern. Batik is one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage that is recognized by the world and entered into the UNESCO.

Masama founder
Masama packaging


And this design also posted here:

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

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Batik Parang - blue bg
Batik Kawung - blue bg
line drawing compiled

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