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Keep Hope Alive

A message to you and me

2020 marks the year of hope. We are all reminded again that life is short and it is our responsibilities to keep our home, our world, safe and healthy for a better regeneration in the future. When I made this, I wanted to pour out hope to continue to survive in difficult situations, and wanted to invite anyone who saw this art, also helped keep hope alive.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

#lineart #illustration

Keep hope alive 1

Cactus illustration

Watercolor illustration style

Cactus symbolize endurance as it is a plant that can stand up to the test of time and the elements.

Am a fan! I decided to use a watercolor style which I think can give a unique look to the drawing.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator 

#watercolor #illustration

Cactus illustration

Dog Illustration

Dog is human best friend

This one is inspired by the dogs I have. I’ve got 5 dogs, they are all taken from the street. In Bali, where I currently reside, stray dog unfortunately, is everywhere.

Dog is human best friend, and it’s true. Your life would be more colorful when you have dog, and a little bit too noisy! Like in this illustration, hearing howls in the middle of the night is a familiar thing.

Below is one of my dogs, the first I rescued.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator 


Jco dog
Dog Illustration

Plants Illustration

A set of plants illustration for website content

Logo & plants illustration I made for website elements.

Tool: Adobe Illustrator

#illustration #logo #branding


Social Distancing

Digital Poster

Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection.

A digital poster I made to give support during Covid 2020 pandemic.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator 


Social distancing

Pancake Illustration

Drawing one of my favorite breakfast/dessert meal using watercolor concept.

Oh I love this one, and who doesn’t?

Tool: Adobe Illustrator

#illustration #watercolor

Pancake illustration

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