Art & Illustration Collection 2

Interior Project

From Illustration to Reality

This was a little challenge I got from my boss – turning the empty area into a casual meeting room – where people can have a meeting or doing a video call – but also to make it the place where people can have a little relax in between work. A little surprised also because at the same time I was working on illustration idea for my living room.

The fun part besides the drawing of course, mix-matching the furnitures & the properties. Despite of the limited space, I was trying to make it looks bigger and also to give the coziness vibe wanted by the whole staff. You can come to Tripper Nature Bali office to see it 🙂

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

#illustration #interior

Interior concept
Office Interior
Office Interior2

Letter City

Having fun creating this illustration with isometric drawing style which uses a technique called isometric projection.

With isometric projection, any three-dimensional object can be depicted on a flat two-dimensional surface.

This project is part of my learning process with isometric grid to create precise dimension. I created my own grid so it supports the 3D look in symmetrical way.

Bold colors to pop the fun vibes.

Tool: Adobe Illustrator

#illustration #isometric

Letter City Isometric4
Letter City Isometric 5
Letter City Isometric2
Letter City Isometric1

Dream cabin in the wood


Grain texture illustration – Dream Cabin in the wood.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

#illustration #graintexture

Dream Cabin



I always have interest on architectural though I never took formal education. Lately I’m so into container buildings and these are what I made from that inspiration. I think it is interesting to show the building from perspective side. I use Adobe Illustrator and a minor Adobe Photoshop for the final touch.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

#illustration #architectural

Container House Architecture1
Container House Architecture2

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