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Debby Handoko

A humble, confident and creative person who is self-motivated, independent, detail-oriented, open-minded to perspectives, and have a strong background in both print and digital media.

Possessing a get it done attitude while not compromising on quality – she will always try her optimum best to work professionally on every given project.



Welcome to my website. Do enjoy my art & work portfolio display. Hope to inspire and would love to connect! Here are the scope of my design:

Graphic Design
Logo and Branding
Packaging Design
Print Material
Digital Post & Ad
Web Ui Design
Photography Photostyling

Being more than 8 years in the design field, I have improved so much from where I started. Having experiences in various design fields, from corporate, e-commerce, in-house, as well as a freelancer and remote worker for international companies, has brought me to where I am now. I still want to continue to grow, improve my skills and challenge myself to become better day by day.



When not in front of the screen, I would spend my time enjoying things that I love. Taking care of my dogs that I rescued from the street, gardening, do sports activities (swimming, cycling, yoga), becoming a bathroom singer, and hmm.. find out more.

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